Betting on Diving

Diving is not a common betting choice, but could be the right one for all those fans of the sport who’d like to try their luck in online betting. If you are new to the whole online betting affair, check out this online casino with iLottery, which offers some great recommendations for promotions. In this article we offer a short beginners guide on how to bet on diving.

First of all, if you want to be successful in betting on diving you need to be familiar with the basic rules of the sport.

Diving is an Olympic sport first introduced at the 1904 Summer Olympic Games in St. Louis. It involves jumping into water while performing acrobatics in air. It is a beautiful sport to look at, and it requires athletes to possess both strength and flexibility. The discipline can be divided into platform diving, and 1m and 3m springboard diving. In major diving competitions, divers jump from the height of 10m.

In order to win points athletes must perform an agreed number of dives according to requirements set in advance, including twists and somersaults. Judges assess how well divers completed every aspect of the dive, the position of their body, and the amount of splash they created by hitting the water. Maximum score is 10 points and is broken down into three points for each stage of the dive: the takeoff, the flight, and the entry. The additional point is meant to give judges more flexibility. Subsequently, this score is multiplied by a degree of difficulty and the winner is the diver with the highest final score.

You can bet on diving online at a number of online bookmakers. It is important to choose the reliable bookmaker with a valid licence. Big online bookmakers such as William Hill or Betfair are a great choice, especially since they are also more likely to offer betting markets for diving.

Registration procedure is simple: just fill out the basic personal information, such as your name, address, and information on your chosen payment method, e.g. your credit card number. You will also be asked to deposit a small amount of money to your newly created account. This is the money that you will use for betting.

You will probably be able to bet only on the winner of major events, such as Olympics or World Championships. The reason for such a limited choice is the relative unpopularity of diving as a betting sport.

Compare the odds from several bookmakers to make sure you pick the best ones. For example, if you want to bet on Daniel Goodfellow to win the World Championship, and one casino offers odds at 1.2 for this outcome, while the other offers odds at 1.3, you should choose the latter casino because your potential winnings are bigger.

Odds are usually expressed in decimal numbers. Simply multiply the odds by your stake to calculate your potential winnings. Select the outcome by checking the box next to it on the list of possible bets. To bet, just type the amount you want in the betting slip box, and click on “place bet“.

Needless to say, you need to be well acquainted with the sport if you want to really improve your chances of winning big. In betting on diving this is of crucial importance, because it is not as easy for bookmakers to guess the odds in a sport that is not a popular betting choice. This gives expert bettors the edge against bookmakers. If you have information that they lack, you can use that to bet on the outcome they failed to predict and win big.