Five Most Famous Water Sports

Sports have always been among the most popular types of entertainment. Watching the matches, guessing the results, betting live and online, using various bonuses and promo codes such as the Betway bonus and others, and all the other things you can do with sports in order to be entertained is what makes it so popular. There are many types of sports people love and enjoy. Recently, water sports have become quite popular, and their popularity has kept growing. For that reason, we will present to you five most famous water sports nowadays which you can watch and enjoy.


Swimming is the most famous and the most popular water sports of them all. It is an individual competitive sport which has been present for centuries. Swimming is both a sport and a hobby. Many people go swimming as a recreation. Nowadays, children start swimming schools at an early age, since swimming has proven to be extremely beneficial for children’s health. There are many swimming competitions. The most famous and the most prestigious are the Olympics and the World Aquatics Championships which are followed by many people. People enjoy watching the Olympics and cheering for their country.


Surfing is also an individual competitive sport. The very name of the sport means riding a wave. The rider, the surfer, uses a surfboard and rides it on the wave that carries him to the beach or shore. Depending on the length and design of the surfboard, the surfing style and of the waveform, there are different types of surfing. There is body surfing, surfing without a board, surfing with a boat, etc. The most important thing in surfing is the balance. The surfer needs to keep the balance in order not to fall down. It is an extreme sport which is worth trying!

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the most beautiful water sports. When you go scuba diving you explore the mysteries of the deep sea and you enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. In order to go scuba diving, you need to have a certificate and to pass the training. If you do not want to do that you can go scuba diving in groups or with a certified trainer. It is a sport worth trying!

Water Skiing

Water skiing is another extreme water sport that people adore. It is literally skiing on the surface of the water. It is done by using one or two skies to glide along the water. There is an additional cable or rope that pulls the skies as well. You can watch water skiing on the World Games, World Championships and the Olympics.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is a sport for those with an adventurous spirit and a brave heart. The adrenaline goes up every time the water channels throw you away. If you are not a swimmer, do not try this out, because very often it happens that rafters get thrown out of the raft due to the speed and strength of the water. But, if you are a swimmer, we highly recommend it!