Interesting Swimming World Records

The world is full of fascinating things. Gravity, for example, is one of the most fascinating things that we are pulled by every single day, yet we still haven’t discovered all that there is about it. Compared to things of such a large, universal nature, us humans seem pretty regular, right?

Well, wrong! Humans often do the craziest of things, especially when it comes to athleticism and taking our own bodies to the extreme.

Take a sport like swimming, and you might think of the Olympic Games. People tend to bet on those, using various online bookmakers and coupon codes such as this fun88 รหัสคูปอง. But, the Olympic Games have only a couple of swimming disciplines. It is out in the open world, the seas and oceans of our world (as well as swimming pools), that records are broken and new ones set. Here are some of the world’s most interesting swimming records.

Highest Altitude Swim

Some people prefer swimming in swimming pools or at sea level. Others, well, they prefer swimming as high up as possible, without it being an ice lake.

An Australian named Daniel Bull, managed to swim at the altitude of 6370 meters, in a relatively icy lake, with patches of water. Daniel Bull is also the youngest person to climb the Seven Summits, meaning the seven highest peaks on every continent. He is also the youngest person to climb the Seven Volcanic Summits. Altitude over attitude.

First Person to Swim Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheath

The very south of the world holds a lot of ice. That being said, beneath some of the ice caps, you can find underground rivers. They are extremely cold, but not as cold as those out in the open, where gusts of wind can freeze you and make your swimming journey impossible, if not deadly. With this in mind, Lewis Pugh, known for his expeditions to the north and the south parts of our world, decided that it was better to swim in subglacial rivers. The primary idea was to swim in supraglacial lakes, but considering the wind and extreme colds, they moved underground. They, because Pugh had an entire team nearby, in case of an emergency, as well as to monitor his health and progress. The swim was a single kilometer long and lasted for 10 minutes and 17 seconds. The swim was done to raise awareness for global warming and to show that the polar ice caps are literally melting. Pugh also swam the length of the English Channel, between July 12 and August 28 in 2018. He also swam in the Arctic, another 1 kilometer swim. He is an adventurer as much as he is an activist. 

Lewispugh / CC BY-SA (

Furthest Swim with Cuffs and Leg Irons

Gopal Kharvi, from India, swam a length of 3.071 kilometers with handcuffs and leg irons in Malpe, India, on December 1st 2013. The swim took 2 hours and 43 minutes to complete and the speed of the current was discounted, because it was in the direction opposite to that of the swimmer. 

These are the world’s most interesting swimming records, at least some of them.