Swimming Events We Look forward to in 2019

Swimming is more than just a recreational sport. It is a sport people like to watch. Cheering for an athlete who is an underdog and seeing them win is as good as the Spin Palace no deposit bonus – you would not expect such a good outcome! Here are some of the most followed and eagerly awaited swimming events of 2019.

Water Polo Preliminaries

January is the month when some of the preliminaries for the men and women take place. While this is not a race, it is still an international tournament. So far, Group A’s Russia is in the lead with 14 points, with Spain following with 10 points. Greece only ended up with 6 points, whereas Israel has no points so far.

As far as Group B is concerned, Italy is leading with 12 points, followed closely by Hungary with 9 Points. Things are not looking good for Netherlands and France, as they’ve ended up with 3 points and zero points, respectively. There is still a lot of time since the qualifications will last until March. It is only then that we will be able to tell for certain who will come out on top. So, put your lucky swimming cap on, and for your favorite team to win!

Ultra-marathon Swim Series 2019

February will feature two racing events in Argentina. In July the racers will go head-to-head in Canada, followed by swimming in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia in August. Another race in August will be held in Croatia, and the series will end in September in Italy.

Each of these races is open water and is 10 kilometers long, which means that the contestants will have to show not only speed and strength, but also endurance when facing the elements as well.

Last year, Ferry Weertman from the Netherlands won the series in the men’s category. The women’s champion was Ana Marcela Cunha from Brazil. What’s special about the series is that the swimmers actually risk dying.

2019 World Aquatics Championships

Mark your calendar for this summer, because this is the time the 18th Aquatics Championships will take place. The host this year is South Korea, and there will be four locations. The Aquatics Centre will give the athletes the opportunity to compete in swimming and diving. For synchronized swimming and water polo, there will be two temporary venues. Finally, for the best of the best in high diving and open water swimming, Naju Lake is the place to be.

Diving is particularly interesting, since there are several disciplines, or heights, in this competition. The participants jump form a 1m or 3m springboard, or a 10m platform.

2019 FINA Champions Swim Series

Finally, this is the big one. This is an entirely new series of competitions and it is invitation-only. This means that it doesn’t matter how good you believe you are, you can only qualify for this event if you are a World Record Holder, an Olympic Medalist, or the best at a swimming discipline. Each team will have 12 men and 12 women, while the grouping will be done based on sponsorship or the continent of origin.

It is still not clear where and when this event will take place. All we know is that it will be between March and May and the 2017 world champion, Anton Chupkov, is seriously considering to participate. Another shocking piece of information related to this contest is that the prize pool is nearly $4 million! Not only that, but FINA will pay for the athletes’ traveling expenses.