Water Sports You Should Try If You Get Bored with Swimming

You know how sometimes people tend to get bored with doing the same thing over and over again? The same can happen to swimmers, even if they’re passionate about it and swimming is more than just a sport to them, it’s a way of life.

For this kind of situations, when one gets bored with swimming, there are other, even toughest, water sports they should check out. And some of them will put to test even the most experienced professionals. But let’s begin with some accessible, commonly played sports that involve water.  

Scuba-diving is a very popular water sport practiced by thousands of people around the globe, especially because it’s enjoyable and is seen as a low-risk water activity. Many try out scuba-diving as a recreational activity during their summer holidays and love it because the breathing apparatus they carry with them gives them independence and freedom of movement under water.

Depending on the place on Earth where you are located and decide to try scuba diving, there are a variety of activities to do and see underwater, such as reef dives, dolphin scuba diving, dives to underwater museums, wreck diving, and night diving.

Aquajogging, as its name suggests, is a water activity in which you are jogging underwater. The sport is also known as deepwater running, but is usually practiced in swimming pools. It involves wearing a flotation device around the waist and moving your arms and legs in an upright position, just as you do when running.

Water polo, a team-based water sport, is played in a swimming pool by teams of seven and is basically a type of football in the water. Just like in football, the teams aim to score goals by throwing the ball into the opponent’s net.

Boat racing is another category of popular team-based water sports, which includes various types of races depending on the watercraft used. The best known are rowing, kayaking, canoeing, yacht racing, hydroplane racing and so on. If you are the competitive type, definitely check one of these out when you get the chance. Maybe you will find it exciting.

Now let’s get to the more challenging water activities, fit for the adrenaline junkies among swimmers. But first of all, keep in mind that years of experience and proper training are required in order to take on any of the following activities, because when you are underwater, many things can go wrong.

Cliff diving is an extreme water sport only for the most confident of swimmers who also have good mental health, are in great shape and have some acrobatic skills. It doesn’t require any equipment, as all you have to do is jump from a ledge over a body of deep enough water.

Cave diving is a risky sport that takes the most experienced of swimmers on an adventure involving the exploration of underwater caves. Adequate preparation is needed, as you won’t want to get trapped in the subterranean maze.

And finally, free diving is the world’s most dangerous water sport, not recommended to the faint of heart. Swimmers have to hold their breath and dive as deep as they can without any equipment providing them oxygen or other types of support. It has claimed many lives, so think twice before engaging in such an extreme water activity.